which rule set? empires vs wheel

is there anyway to purchase a pdf version of burning wheel? I see that a pdf version is available from drivethrurpg for burning empires.

which is better? I’m a noob to this system and impatient one at that- im a a sucker for a quick purchase with a pdf - so im leaning toward empires, does that contain burning wheel? - would that adapt to a modern setting ok?


no .pdf on BWR other than some lifepaths

BWR gave birth to Burning Sands Jihad (Free! Check downloads), and both gave rise to BE…but it’d be a mistake to think of BE as being BWR 3.0…

…each game has it’s own style…

if you’ve got to start somewhere, and start fast, I’d recommend BE .pdf and book…you’ll get just about all the ideas in BWR w/ out the setting specific stuff…

…and yeah, either one will adapt to a mod setting.