Who follows whom?

OK, so we’ve got our world burned up, Desmar “The Green Breath” campaign, and I’m plotting my schemes.

We’ve got a powerful and corrupt human Lord Steward, Eliazar, as the head of the Imperial Bur. government working for the Valyen side, and his son, Trie, head of the Noble military working the player’s side.

At some point, Trie’s probably going to go against his father.

Now, I’m guessing the Eliazar is going to eventually dismiss Trie from his position as Anvil Lord, but how do we determine who in the military follows whom? Something we negotiate before we roll?

have a duel of wits when the conflict comes up. set your FoNs stakes really high (imprisonment or something nasty) then use the compromise rules to determine who gets what. really, unless it’s in one of their body of argument stakes, it’s just color as far as how far the military follows one or the other. maybe it can be made into a ‘superior numbers’ bonus for the next firefight between the two sides…

What’s Trie paid for? If he bought his Anvil contingent in burning (that 3D affiliation with his troops, p.249), they go with him. Taking them away is a conflict.

thanks guys, that clarifies things for me!