Whriling Wizard (Larkins Spell Book)

Whirling Wizard: Ob: 3^, 2 Actions
Personal Origin
Presence Area of Effect
Anima Element
Destroy Impetus
Sustained Duration
12 Resource Points

When cast this spell sets the wizard into a frantic whirling motion. Such is the speed and strength of this motion that anyone he touches (Agility),or touches him (melee attack) suffer damage equal to the wizards Will +4 (Mark), VA 1 DoF to determine IMS
(Weapon Length: Shortest / Range: Melee).

Note: The wizard may not cast any spells while whirling, though he may sustain those he has already cast (minoris sigil with one compression)


This is perfectly swag.

Swag (?) That’s a good thing, right?

Yes, Old Man Larkin, Yes.


Not just “old” Midwest and old!