Why Can't I Find The Book?

Some news. This article on comicbookresources.com is from October 2012, but explains a few things. Short version: Archaia tried switching distributors and more or less suffered a crash. Then, there’s this article from about a week ago, extolling the virtues and dedication of some publisher who bought up Archaia and, supposedly/hopefully, is getting things rolling again. So, we might actually see a reprint yet.

I have an unused Box set on my shelf - PM me if interested. Still using my original book, and feel guilty sitting on it when another could be roaming the territories with it.

Ouch! That said though, Boom!'s a pretty good publisher and definitely in the same niche market as Archaea. Glad to see that their IP didn’t get hoovered up by one of the big (or even medium) publishers.

I am really glad to hear this.
Also, still hoping for that overdue next volume of Artesia.