Why water/wine?

Rations provide 3 H&T reprieves for Pack 1… while a bottle holds 2 draughts and is Pack2.

So what’s the advantage/point of wine or water over food?

You can fill up on water for free, if you find a spring or place to draw water from. When you drink wine, I believe you get a bonus to recover from Angry.

Also, if you’re playing a drunk you may decide to forgo food entirely so that you can carry around a jug of wine at all times… like my dad decided to do with his warrior character.

As others have noted, water is often easy to find. Wine gives bonuses to recovery from Angry or Afraid. Rations are more compact and can potentially take care of more characters if cooked.

Once rations are gone, they’re gone, until you forage or hunt or return to town to buy more. And you must forage, hunt or return to town each time you need to replenish your rations. On the other hand, if you manage to get a source of potable water at your campsite, you can fill up for free every time you return to that campsite.

We’ve survived on nothing but water for months…