Will Inheritance be available for purchase through the BW store?

Back when the kickstarter was active, I’d planned to back it but I encountered a sudden change in financial situation and had to pull my pledge, not even able to dedicate money to the digital version.

Coming up on 2 and a half years later, i’m in a better spot to do so. I know that there have been copies of the physical game at conventions like GenCon but I was wondering if there is any possibility to purchase a digital or physical copy through the BW store?

I understand that this is a longshot, and there are probably several logistical reasons not to, but wanted to take a shot in the dark.

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Inheritance is out of print. Glad to hear you’re back on your feet though!

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Thanks luke! I’m glad things are going well too. Thanks for the fast response.

and is there any chance to get it in PDF version someday? it’s so terrible to be newcomer and see that something is completely out of print and not available digitally neither (and yeah, i know, it’s totally opposite feeling for veterans, haha) but i still have a hope to dig into this beautiful vikings story. thank you!

Some of our games go out of print. It’s just how it goes.

Regarding digital editions: Some games we do, some games we don’t. It’s mostly an experiential thing. Inheritance as a PDF…is not the experience I intended, to put it mildly. Thus, it goes out of print.

Maybe someday y’all will listen to me when I tell you we’re making something weird and cool! :wink: Ya gotta get in early!

Best if those of us who have it to keep inviting people to play it.

Thing to do is invite the nine people but have a scenario like The Gift in reserve that takes 8 people so if someone doesn’t show up you’ve got a back up game.

I’ve been very lucky to find a gaming convention attended by Viking Reenactors who let me use their camp as a backdrop and step in for no-shows.

Kickstart a second edition?

It’s not the money, it’s the time and labor.

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