Wonderful job on the new Lords-Pilot Hussars addition

Just found the new PDF addition to BE, the Lords-Pilot Hussar now available on the BE Wiki. The pictures by Chris are absolutely fantastic and the work put in by Sydney Freedberg is staggering. I missed the initial discussion around the creation of the Hussar lifepathe setting and am going back to read them. I just wanted to say thanks for putting this gem out for us, and look forward to hopefully seeing them in a BE game I’m starting.

Thanks! There’s a “special ops” Hussar variant statted up as well, although not in PDF form (see this thread). Plus I and others are tinkering with all sorts of stuff in the “Tech Burner” form that hasn’t made it onto the wiki yet: grav bikes, infiltrator “stealth capes”, self-propelled artillery, orbital recon platforms.

I also want to say how much of a group effort that final product was. I wrote up my initial idea; Luke Crane, Chris Moeller, and others – notably Mike “Countercheck” Atlin – provided commentary; I revised it;Chris drew amazing sketches (the cape! I still can’t get over the cape!); and then Luke expanded my second draft in the PDF by adding Iron Empires setting information and the “Court Hussar” lifepath (“Thrill-Seeking-Young-Lady-wise”!).

And Mike (“Countercheck”) and I are now setting up characters and a map for a Kerrn infantry vs. Hussar cavalry Firefight in arena forum, which will be the first actual combat test of these things.