Youngest knight possible

A prospective player said that this image wanted him to play a bad-ass girl knight. Bad-ass girl knights are one of the ingredients of awesome, so I said “Sure!”. I say that a lot, often before actually thinking things over.

I have been looking over the lifepaths, and it seems to me that the youngest possible knight is a straightforward Born Noble - Page - Squire - Knight, resulting in 25 years old. I have been looking the lifepaths over, but I cant seem to find any way to arrive to knight at a younger age. Anyone care to prove me wrong?

That’s correct–however, I think you need to separate out the Knight LP from knighthood in the game. Why not stop at Page or Squire, pick up any skills that are lacking with General points, and take an affiliation with Knights of the Realm or something? The point is, you can be a knight in the game without taking the Knight LP.

it could be cool to have a knight of a holy military order.

born peasant, bannerman, pilgrim, military order - 19 years old. no land, just god. sisters of the sepulchre or whatnot.

Ask her (and yourself) if she’s more interested in already being a knight, or playing the badass young woman becoming a knight, and then get her to stop at Squire. By the time she’s got to Squire she’s got (almost all of) the skills she needs–in theory–to be a Knight, but hasn’t yet been knighted. Note, however that she’s got the Mark of Privilege and is entitled to take the baronial and ducal “Your <Title>” traits, so she could have just inherited an estate, and be on a fast track to formal knighting by her seigneur.

Then take the GM’s red pencil and lop her down to 17 years old for color. Mechanically she stays in the same stat band as a full-on Born Noble-Page-Squire-Knight, but bargain for beliefs and or instincts about proving herself etc.

I’m with Hirram. Take whatever lifepaths make the character appropriate to the idiom (e.g. born noble > young lady > page) and work on gaining the Sworn Homage trait through play. It’s the journey, not the destination and all that.

Is this for real? I’ve been trying to get Military Order in four lifepaths for years.

Military Order can be gotten with any Professional Soldier LP now–you just need to get back into the Religious setting.

I need BWG!

I don’t know if it’s still true in BWG, but in Revised, a quick way to teenage knight-types involved taking Lord then Captain, I believe. Obviously, that depends on if her culture will accept a woman as a lord, or at least make an exception for her.


Just stop at Squire and play a newly-minted knight. Remember, taking the Knight lifepath means that you are an experienced Knight.

You could just have a fate mine character trait of “Woman-in-Cognito” or something like that.

I’m pretty sure in Revised any Professional Soldier LP was the requirement—the issue in Revised is getting to the Religious setting, as the only Soldier LPs that go to Religious have requirements that keep them from being easy to access early in one’s career.

Even in Revised it’s quite doable.

Born anything but Villager or City Dweller) -> Lead to Soldier -> Any available Professional Soldier LP you qualify for except Scout, which doesn’t lead to Villager -> Lead to Villager -> (Pilgrim, Acolyte, or Serving Wench) -> Lead to Religious -> Military Order

You can also lead to Peasant from the soldier LP, but then you have to take Country Wife to get the lead to Religious. That narrows character concept a bit! Also, I find the Serving Wench to Military Order transition hilarious.

Oddly, you can also do Born -> Lead to Soldier -> Apprentice -> Lead to City -> (Hospital Warden, Temple Acolyte, Pilgrim, or City Wife) -> Lead to Religious -> Military Order. That brings you into the Church’s military forces without having really served in combat anywhere else. And a peasant-born apprentice who got married and then picked up a sword for God makes for a very interesting life story.

You don’t need Military Order to be a holy knight. Just give her the Faithful trait, and a backstory that could reasonably start her off in a “knight-like” position. Like this:

Born Villager --> Lead to Soldier --> Bannerman --> Lead to Servitude --> Field Worker

19 years old. Traits: Faithful, Honored, Hope

A terrible war broke out when she was quite young, and she was drafted as a bannergirl. But she was captured by the enemy, along with her liege lord and a few knights. The campaign could start with her escape from slavery. Can she free the captives in the tower, and earn her knighthood for her bravery?

Sorry, sir. But there is no room in this town for both of us. Choose the weapons. I choose the place. I’ll be waiting for you at dawn. (?)

I would never do that. Even when you are burning a character, you are playing Burning Wheel. And when you play Burning Wheel, you are making decisions. You are making sacrifices. If it does not hurt you, not worth it.

Why? You can make the four lifepaths eighteen years old Knight girl of the Holy Military Order in Burning Wheel Revised too. xD

Born Peasant -> Leads to Soldier: Bannerman (A nine years old bannergirl?) -> Leads to Villager: Pilgrim -> Leads to Religious: Military Order

But, what about the player? Does she want to play a religious young knight?

I’ve never see that, but trust me, I’ve looked hard for it.

I think we all can agree there’re numerous reasons for picking up BWG other than lifepath munchkinism.