Your Suggestions Please!

I’ve been thinking of burning up a new spell and would like some suggestions on how it should work out in play as well as what limitations people would prefer be placed on it.
The spell would cause any missile fired at the caster to reverse its course and instead strike its source (arrow to bowman, stone to thrower ect).
The spell would be similar to “Touch Not Sublime Flesh” or “Turn Aside the Blade” but would only be effective against missiles/projectiles (organic and inorganic) most likely used in Range and Cover, and when the increased obstacle would cause any projectile to miss the same roll would be applied against the attacker.
So if the spell gave a +2 Ob to hit the mage (making a total Ob 3 to hit this round) and the bowman only generated 2 successes to hit him, his arrow would reverse course to strike the bowman as if fired at him with two successes.
I know the basic facets needed to pull this off but I’m not sure on how to turn the arrow about to attack the attacker (perhaps a combination of control and influence?).
I would appreciate any feedback on this idea.

It’s potentially rather powerful, perhaps even game breaking in range and cover since it combines defence and offense. I think you should consider the following making it apply to a limited number of misiles. 1 use might be to nerfed, but say 1 use for hitting the obstacle + 1 use or for each succes above the obstacle (successes might also be used instead to add to the extra obstacle like turn aside the blade). Still potentiale powerful, but limited.

Also the way you’re suggesting it you’re punishing the bowman for being somewhat, but not completely successful (the arrow turn around if he misses by the margin of the spell and turn around with the same successes that it’s launched with. YMMV, but personally I feel people should be punished/rewarded in accordance with their degree of success. Consider having the arrow turn around with the margin of failure. So if the normal obstacle is 2 and the spell adds 2 and the bowman gets 1 success it’s turned around with 3 getting a hit with 1 above obstacle on the bowman that can be used to add to DoF. If the bowman gets 3 successes the arrow is turned around with 1 success, but fails to actually hit the bowman since that’s obstacle 2.

Not sure of that’s the kind of feedback you were looking for, I don’t really know enough about facets to give any input on that part, but use or ignore as you see fit.

Actually, that is some of the kind of help I am looking for, how it should play out in game and whether or not it seems too powerful. (There are others who can chime in on facets if they like).
So instead of basing the returning arrow (knife/rock/bolt/whatever) on the “bowmans” successes (which failed to pass the spell induced higher obstacle) the spell should use its own extra successes to redirect the missile?
That way, if the spell was cast with + 3 successes over obstacle, any reversed missile would get a B3 attack roll.

I considered doing this by just adding a Destroy facet (Ob+2, +2 Actions) to “Turn Aside The Blade” (pg. 220, BWG) making it go from a simple defensive spell into a counter offensive one that would then damage any attackers in accordance with what they attacked with.
Earth Based: Will +3, VA 3
Anima Based: Will +4, VA 1,
(Magic Burner: page 180)

This would be an Ob 6^, 13 Action spell that would grant a +1 Ob penalty with an additional +1 per margin of success as well as doing damage to any who attacked the caster in melee or at range for so long as the spell was sustained.