1 help die per *player*

Bottom of p.302 states “Only one skill per player may be used to help in a test.”

Does this mean that a single player can’t have both his PC and his 2ic/Stentor offer help for the same test? Or that two GM NPCs can’t both help on a test?

I kind of like these limitations. PC and 2ic both offering help seems like dice-mongering. Allowing only 1 help die from NPCs per test might be tough on the GM, but it does make things simpler for him. It also makes getting a PC sympathetic to one of your FoNs an even better tactic for the GM.

But maybe it was just a typo… should it read “one skill per character” instead?


BINGO! Exactly why that rule was written. The 2iC helps the dude who’s helping, not the dude who’s being helped.


But the GM’s maneuver roll is an exception, right? As long as his characters appeared in scenes, more than one of them can give Help on the maneuver roll?

Yeah, yeah.

Does help from another person give +2d if they have exp5+?

Yes, same as always. This is about the number of characters who can help (one per player) not about how many dice you can garner. The usage “one die per person” is for convenience, because it’s much easier than “One helping transaction from one character per person,” not because that transaction can only be 1d and not 2d for high exponents.

Right, and I should point out, the “1 help die” language was mine (subject of thread, my bad); the book says “one skill per player”, which obviously doesn’t preclude 2D for exp5+.

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