+1 pip of damage - where exactly to apply it?

Hi, I have hard time interpreting ‘Flammable’ trait from Monster Burner. I do not know where to apply the +1 bonus when creature gets wounded by fire.

The trait says: “+1 pip of damage, no armor protection”. Does it mean that whenever creature gets damaged by fire any wound that it would normally get is doubled? For example if it would get Superficial wound - I should mark two Superficial wounds? Medium wound - mark two dots next to ‘Medium’ on PTSG scale and so on?

Or dos it simply add +1 to weapon’s Power? Or Incidental hit becomes Mark and Mark becomes Superb?

Thanks in advance for answer and sorry if I put the question in wrong section.

Hi there. It means that if the creature would normally take a B7 wound, it instead takes a B8. If it would normally take a B4, it instead takes a B5.

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Now it’s clear. Makes sense. Thank you very much Thor.

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