1 player goal writing


i run a 1player mouse guard session yesterday that went better than i would have thought :slight_smile:
Just one thing that i realised, when it’s time to write goals you only can write something directly related to fullfilling the mission. One of the fun things in my opinion in MG is about writing goals that can be only vaguely related to the problem at hand.
I was thinking about having the player write a Mission Goal and a Personal Goal for each mission to get a bit of this fun back.
Does this brake the artha circle? I mean you can’t get points for MVP or workhorse (this is something i struggle with in BW-solo too) so you have a bit of a bit of a balance there.
Also it gives me as the GM chance to make the goals conflict each other.


Why not introduce an NPC to take on the mission goal or even an associated goal?

I’d still award things like workhorse and MVP in a one-on-one game, albeit not every session. It might be a rare acknowledgement, but I wouldn’t take them off the table.