1st Session Approach

Hey, so I was thinking about this last night since the King Worm is the FoN for the 1st phase…do I know about the infection? Or is this Call of Cthullu style where the player knows but character doesn’t? I guess what I’m asking is this…when the first session opens, do I start pursuing my own goals (i.e. exposing the leader of the merchant league) or do I assume that I know that the worms are trying to feel us out?

Do I immediately start smuggling in worm detectors and flooding the market? Or do I start by trying to figure out information about the Merchant League? I hope I’m making sense with my question.

What is the Planetary Attitude? That is a good place to start! If it is Personal Experience you just dust off your old Detectors, if it is Hysterical Fear, then begin the Witch Hunt. etc etc. If it is Ignorant, then follow your own ambitions until the threat appears.

Okay, so Mina Ferro is “Indifferent” The planet just generally doesn’t believe that the worms will come there…besides “they don’t like the cold” So I’m back to saying, I should just start pursuing my own ends until the worm reveals itself? How does that work with maneuver rolls when I’m not actually acting against the worms?

Who’s your antagonist FoN? Use maneuvers against him. Let the worms reveal themselves in play. In the Infiltration, the target planet ain’t aware of what’s going on yet.


Sweet! Its my old friend, the merchant leaguer! I can start squeezing his trade routes! :twisted:

Righto. And I’m sure Oscar will have some sneaky plans for him, too. Soon, you’ll be up to your ears in conflict.