2 LP characters

Does anyone have any experience running games with two LP characters? My friend and I are gicing it a try and having a lot of fun, but I’d be interested in feedback.

You’ll fail a lot. But you’ll also learn a lot.

You start out weak and callow and inexperienced. You also improve much faster. The catch is that you never really catch up. It’s faster to go from B2 to B3 than from B5 to B6, but it’s still much slower to go from B2 to B6. And opening new skills depends on root stats, which are usually higher with more starting LPs.

It can definitely be fun and totally worthwhile to play 2 LP games. I prefer higher numbers (usually 4-5) but that’s entirely a personal preference. If you love the feeling of growing and improving, and especially if you like discovering who your characters are and what they’re good at rather than having a good sense in advance, 2 LPs are great.

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2 LP characters are fun and will grow quickly, like Spring flowers.

Just make sure to keep the challenges small and local. Like, a “missing sheep from a village” small. Like a tadpole born in a tiny pond, they’ll need time to grow and become strong before they return to the mountain stream from which they spawned.*

*I’m terrible with metaphors.

I played a game as a 2 life path Born City - Urchin

Cornered Rats. It was delightfully dark.

Thanks all! The advice (and especially the Cornered Rats) was useful for getting my head around the concept.

Yes! I’m a spring tadpole. :wink:

I kinda love the metaphors, actually.