2 Player party - Is it possible?

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone has had experience with a 2 player party and what changes you have made (if any) to make it work? I was thinking that advancement would be quicker with two, but helping dice would really cripple them. Adam Koebels group on youtube didn’t last too long, but with the players choosing the type of conflict, when to fight and when to flee does this type of party stand any chance?


Main advice is to go easy on the twists. Because of the lack of helping dice, there will be a lot of failure and therefore a lot of opportunities for twists and conditions. If you introduce twists that lead to situations where they have to make tests to resolve them, things will quickly spiral out of control (since tests = turns, turns = The Grind).

So minor twists, not brutal ones.

I’ve run two-person groups with great success and without any changes. I’ve actually had some really good sessions with only two, and I think the game works well that way. However, the players need to be smart and know that the odds are already stacked against them. I also don’t do too many conflicts, one at most per session.

Most of the games I’ve played in were with two PCs. The game worked great. When conflicts did come up, we often chose drive off or capture, but I don’t think we would have chosen differently with more PCs.

They will be lacking certain skills that the 4 player group will have normally. Some situation will take more than 1 test to overcome that way so the clock may feel like it is ticking faster for them. That is the only thing that I noticed when I ran the game with a smaller group.

You might want to provide some NPC types who can provide helping dice. We recruited a couple Dwarven army trainees who could help move heavy things and such. Tried to keep them out of harms way since one of them was a cousin, but that didn’t always work out.

Ok thanks everyone, glad the game can still function in this way.

I think help is the crucial thing that might be the problem, some skills like if Dungeoneer has 4 might be fine, but obviously there are going to be some skills that are at 2 and your only getting 1 dice for help! That means your only really passing OB2 rolls. Maybe encourage them to have some hirelings to help in that somewhat?