20th Anniversary goodies


The 20th anniversary goodies haven’t been shipped yet right?

Have others received their orders? I don’t want to worry about mine having been mistakenly shipped to California, MO instead of California, USA.

They haven’t shipped. We’ve experienced about every single delay and hiccup that you can imagine.

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Has been checking my order status daily…

That’s a relief! I’m glad to know that it’s a wide-scale problem people are working on and npt just a me problem that has slipped through the cracks.

Meanwhile, two minutes after posting: Status has gone from Awaiting Fulfillment to GTG Fulfillment. :flushed:

Mine is now GTG, too.

I’m not sure what that means, though.

That’s the warehouse we’re using to ship out of.

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I assumed it meant “Ground-to-Ground”. They’re gonna load the stuff into a big missile that soars through the air, breaking into many subwarheads, each locked to our delivery addresses.

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Stupidly, I made my pre-order without loging in, so I did it as “guest”. All I have is the Paypal confirmation and no way of checking the status of my order… :sweat_smile: :expressionless:

I have seen evidence that they are indeed shipping and arriving!


Yeah! A friend of mine got their swag!

I got mine yesterday! Thank you.

I made my orders while logged in, but still have no way of checking their status beyond “GTG Fulfillment”. I got an e-mail for postal tracking for one – which got delivered – but I haven’t heard anything about the other orders. :sweat_smile:


Should these have all arrived by now?

I was evidently not signed in when I ordered, as it doesn’t show up on my account order page, and I can’t find any info on the order other than my original receipt. Hopefully, I didn’t miss out on info due to a spam filter.

I would say 80% of the orders shipped and we’ll be able to clear the rest next week.


Thank you for the update, Luke!

Guess mine was one of those remaining 20%, since it hasn’t arrived yet :open_mouth:

If you’re outside the US, it can take up to 90 days for the items to reach you.

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Yep, I am. No worries.

It arrived today! Thanks!


If you ordered a straight-bill cap, please get in touch with me. The plant used the wrong blank and we need to get them returned, reprinted and exchanged.

I don’t know where to ask this question, I’m sorry if this is wrong place but it looks like Burning Wheel anthology 2021 is out of stock on BW store. Any chance you guys reprint more?