(2e) Can Stonetellers use Relics & Invocations?

Hello folks,

I was reading through the Scavenger’s Supplement and was wondering if Stonetellers can use invocations, if they get their hands on a Relic. They do have the Ritualist skill …

Is there an official clarification on this that I’ve missed?

They could help a theurge or shaman, but as they have a different thing going on with elemental forces rather than Immortals, they don’t use invocations, relics, burden, etc…

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Right … but as far as I understand, none of these powers are available at 1st level, right?

Hi Froggy,

It takes more than the ritualist skill and a relic for an invocation. The ritualist skill enables a character to do basic rituals like a funeral, wedding, burial, etc, but does not grant them “powers.” Same thing with Arcanist–someone might understand certain aspects of the process but could not cast spells and harness Otherworldly power without proper training or abilities (i.e. the Magician class benefits). Other characters can help a spellcaster if they are skilled, but they cannot cast by themselves.

In the lore of TB, theurges and shamans and those that are touched by the Immortals are able to channel the Immortal Patron’s power through invocations. However, dwarves cannot, but they can access the Otherworld (spirit realm) when they forge or harness magic like the Stoneteller. In the Middarmark, dwarves don’t really have priests like the surface folk, and although they venerate their own Young Lords, none of them are blessed/cursed like the theurges above.

Mechanically, if a class doesn’t list a capability like spellcasting or invocations, then they don’t have that ability. There are a few classes that will list a smaller subset of spells or invocations to choose from, but these classes don’t have access to the whole catalog either. Hope this helps


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