2E Compatibility? - Stone Dragon Mountain, Middarmark, & Bridge of the Damned

Hi everyone. Very easy question here. I see that Stone Dragon Mountain, Middarmark, and Bridge of the Damned are all available for purchase in the Burning Wheel store. Have these products been updated to 2E’s rules? My initial guess is no, but just checking.

Bridge of the Damned was written for 2E. SDM and Middarmark have not been updated but should work just fine.

SDM doesn’t really need any changes. The statblocks are in the old format, but the content should still be the same. You can use it as is.

The spells and prayers in Middarmark all have versions in 2E. The monsters don’t need any updating. The statblocks are in the old format, bu the content is the same Maybe I would update the Nature questions for the human tribes in Middarmark, but they’re eminently usable as is.


Oh, and the Skald class for Middarmark has been updated and is in the Lore Master’s Manual.


Thanks Thor!

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