2e Conflict Resolution

I have been going over the Scholar’s Guide and specifically the conflicts section. Perhaps I am just missing it, but where does it state how many dice the GM rolls for tests? I want to say it is Nature + current disposition. If someone would point out the page where the rule is, I would appreciate it.

Second question, I was watching a play through by a group and it seemed to me that during their conflict, they had maneuvers reduce the disposition of the enemy. Maneuvers only inflict effects on the victims correct?

Hi @falconheart!

I believe that the GM rolls the opposition’s Nature (if within their Nature Descriptors) and half-Nature (if outside of their Nature Descriptors), plus Help.
(p172-173 of Scholar’s Guide, revision 48)

A Maneuver can:

  • Impede (-1D to opponent’s next roll)
  • Gain position (+2D to your next roll)
  • Disarm (remove an opponent’s weapon)
  • Rearm (equip a fallen weapon)
    (p69-70 of Scholar’s Guide, revision 48)

I cannot see that it causes your opponent to lose any Disposition.

On the other hand, if I maneuver, and you feint, then I’ll likely lose dispositiion.

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Hi Mark,

Ahhh, found it. Right. Roll Nature(skill) + help (if any) and any other modifiers for weapons. Now it makes sense. I was looking in the section for conflicts.

Thank you!

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