2e Magician questions

Hi there, these are some questions I have based on the current previews of 2e:

  1. At Levels 3, 5, and 7, a magician receives a spell scroll from their mentor. What if you don’t have a mentor? (Mentor is optional during character creation) Do you not get a scroll?

  2. For the scrolls above, the GM decides what spell is on the scroll, and it has to be a spell the magician is ‘capable of casting’. Can’t magicians cast any spell if it’s on a scroll? I thought magicians were only limited when they memorize spells. Should this be ‘capable of memorizing’?

  3. the spell Supernal Vision lets you attune to the ‘magical auras of enchanted items, creatures or places…’ and ‘study magical auras and determine their purpose’.

Does this mean you can both:
a) identify if an item or creature has a magical aura (in other words, ‘detect magic’)
b) identify what magic items can do/what magic powers creatures have?

is there another way to find out what enchanted items can do? can’t you just use them? I imagine this is useful to identify if a potion is poison or beneficial, but what if it is a magic sword?

What types of magical auras can creatures have?

Thanks heaps, I am sure I’m just missing something obvious


Sorry, I forgot one - the spell Wayfinder’s Friend is also called Wayfarer’s Friend depending on where you’re reading. In the table on p41 it’s called both names. Which one is correct?

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  1. Require magicians to select mentors in character creation.
  2. Game master decides. I’m disinclined to risk editing the text here.
  3. Up to you but we don’t tell players what items do unless they use them.
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Wayfarer’s Friend was caught and corrected to Wayfinder’s Friend.

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Thanks again Luke!

Figured I’d jump in here instead of starting a new thread.

Spells are written into the folios of spell books, taking 1 folio per Circle (DHB92). Casting from your Spell Book consumes the spell “like a scroll” (DHB93). Casting from a scroll causes the scroll to be “consumed by aetherial flames” (DHB95).

When casting from a spell book, is ONLY the spell consumed from the book (leaving the folios in tact) or are the folios it is written upon consumed by flame as well?

Also, regarding (1) above, I expected the answer to be “If you have no mentor gain an Enemy”, though adding that text 3 times could be a layout nightmare

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