2e Skirmish AP

Skirmish Report
Using LMM R20

Bjorn Benthammer leads his huskarl’s forces back to base camp along a forested portion of the Dalveien. The adventurers, along with the accompanying Bjorning and Græling retinue, encounter a small goblin force headed toward Rimholm. The party decides to get closer to scout out the situation, test each other’s forces, and perhaps take out a few foes in the process.

Since the party is outnumbered, Mángilik the Skald (and Strategist) tries to draw the goblins into an engagement in a narrow pass where they will have the advantage of high ground.

She confirms her intent is to initiate a skirmish conflict and gain some advantage before the conflict.

The goblins are not fresh since they failed a march, but nor are they hungry because they were able to pause for a drink and to eat at the crossroads.

Turn 2

Engagement test: Mángilik’s Strategist 3 VS Bugbear Monster Commander’s Nature 6

Mángilik gets help from Oddmarr’s Scholar and Bjorn’s Commander.

Mángilik rolls 5D and gets 1 success vs the bugbear leader’s 2 successes.

As a twist, the bugbear leads the group off the road and away from cover into an open area. The adventurers will not be able to select who they engage with before the battle begins or use the terrain to their advantage.

Turn 3 Skirmish

The Skirmish conflict begins with the goblins rushing in as the soldiers take formation.


2 Bugbear (leader)

  • Nature 6
  • Might 3 (reduced from Might 4 due to unit size)

2 Giant Spider-rider Goblins

  • Nature 3
  • Might 3 (reduced from Might 4 due to unit size)

48 untrained goblin raiding party x 3 (Goblins A, B, C)

  • Nature 3 Might 2
  • An untrained unit rolls 2D for its actions.

48 untrained goblin archers

  • Nature 3 Might 2
  • An untrained unit rolls 2D for its actions.

20 trained Boar-riding goblins

  • Nature 3 Might 3
  • A trained unit rolls 3D for its actions.

~ VS ~

50 Bjorning guards

  • A veteran elite unit rolls 5D for its actions.

50 Græling guards

  • A regular unit rolls 4D.

Bjorn Benthammer / Warrior Lvl 6

  • Commander 5
  • Fighter 5

Mángilik Oathbreaker / Skald Lvl 6

  • Fighter 4
  • Strategist 4

Oddmarr Bearclaw / Shaman Lvl 5

  • Fighter 3

Adventurer Disposition

Bjorn is the only one that has the Commander skill. However, there are two additional heroes that will be unattached that I believe can also be used to generate disposition.

Rolls 8D (Commander 5 + 2D heroes + 1D Fresh)

3 successes + Might of Force 3 = 6 HP

  • 2 HP to the Græling infantry unit
  • 1 HP to Mángilik
  • 1 HP to Oddmarr
  • 2 HP to Bjorning infantry unit and embedded Bjorn commander

Goblin Army Disposition

The bugbear is the commander.

Rolls Nature 6D

4 successes + 3 Might + 1s for outnumbered = 8

  • 1 HP to 4x Goblins
  • 1 HP to Boar-riders
  • 1 HP to Spider-riders
  • 2 HP to Bugbear (with leader)

Round 1 (Turn 3-4)

The GM declares Goblin Archers, Goblin B, and Boar-riders

The party figures they will try to match up by declaring Bjornings (infantry with attached commander), Oddmarr (hero), and Grælings (infantry).

Round 1 Action 1

The Bjornings and Bjorn, the attached hero, Maneuver

  • 5D veteran unit
  • +1D help from the attached hero
  • +1D Fresh

Rolls 7D = 3 successes (2 + 1s Might)

Goblin Archers Attack with the Bow

  • 2D untrained
  • +2D (bonus help for non-infantry action) from nearby goblin A infantry
  • +2D (bonus help for non-infantry action) from nearby goblin B infantry

Rolls 6D = 3 successes

Tie. Roll off:

Bjornings roll 5D and get 1 success.

Goblins roll 2D and get 2 successes.

The Bjornings take 1 HP damage.

Round 1 Action 2

Oddmarr Attacks

  • Fighter 3
  • +2D (bonus help for non-infantry action) from the Grælings
  • +1D help from the Bjornings
  • +1D Fresh

Rolls 7D = 2 successes (1 + 1s Might)

Goblin B Feints

  • Cannot act

The goblin’s feint is thwarted. Oddmarr hoped to finish the battle right here and right now, but the Fates were against him. However, he wades into a sea of goblins along with the Grælings and manages to rout Goblin B and Goblin C.

Round 1 Action 3

Græling Maneuver

  • 4D regular unit
  • +1D help from Oddmarr
  • +1D help from Mángilik
  • +1D Fresh

Rolls 7D = 5 successes (buys engage and Flanks the Bjornings into the archers)

Boar-rider Maneuver

  • 3D trained
  • +1D from bugbears
  • +1D from spider calvary

Rolls 5D = 3 successes (Buys Charge bonus for the boar-rider’s next action)

The Grælings rush in formation to engage with the boar-riding goblins.

Two turns advance.

Everyone becomes Hungry & Thirsty.

Round 2 (Turn 5-6)

The GM declares the bugbears, spiders, and boar-riders.

The party declares Mángilik, Oddmark, and the Grælings.

Round 2 Action 1

Mángilik Maneuvers

  • Beginner’s Luck Commander
  • +2D (bonus help for non-infantry action) from the Grælings
  • +1 Brave trait

Rolls 4D = 2 successes

Bugbear Maneuver

  • Nature 6
  • +1D help from Spider-rider cavalry
  • +1D help from Boar-rider cavalry

Rolls 8D = 4 successes (buys engage and disengages the adjacent boar-riders from the Grælings)

Round 2 Action 2

Oddmarr Maneuvers to take on the spiders

  • Beginner’s Luck
  • +1D trait

Rolls 3D = 2 successes

Spider-Rider Maneuver

  • +1D help from bugbears

Rolls 4D = 1 success.

Both units engage.

Round 2 Action 3

Græling Maneuver since they are no longer engaged

  • 4D Regular
  • +1D help from Mángilik
  • +1D help from Oddmarr

Rolls 6D = 3 successes

Boar-riders attack with charge bonus

  • 3D trained
  • +2D charge bonus

Rolls 5D = 2 success

Two turns advance.

Round 3 (Turn 7-8)

Goblins declare the Goblins A, Boar riders, Bugbears

The players order is Bjornings, Oddmarr, and Mángilik.

Round 3 Action 1

Bjorning Attack

  • 5D Veteran

Rolls 5D = 5 successes (4 + 1s Might)

Goblins Maneuver

  • 2D untrained
  • +1D help archers
  • +1D boar-riders

Rolls 4D = 2 successes

The Bjornings use their spears to drive away the Archers, Goblin A, and Spiders

Round 3 Action 2

Mángilik Attacks

  • Fighter 4
  • +5D Persona
  • +1D help from Oddmarr

Rolls 10D = 4 successes

Bugbears Attack

  • Nature 6
  • +1D Boar-riders

Rolls 7D = 2 successes

The conflict concludes. The party is victorious. Two turns advance from the round.

The grind hits and the party is now Exhausted.


Skirmish Victory with Half compromise.

Adventurer Units

  • Grælings injured
  • Bjornings killed
  • Oddmar injured
  • Bjorn driven off
  • Mángilik driven off

Enemy Units

  • Goblin A: Driven off
  • Goblin B: Captured
  • Goblin C: Killed
  • Goblin Archers: Captured
  • Spider Riders: Driven off
  • Boar Riders: Driven off
  • Bugbears: Driven off

Turn 9

The party ties up the prisoners and then takes a moment to both eat and drink to remove Hungry.

The exhausted army returns to base camp so they can interrogate and question the goblins.


So awesome!

How did it feel in play? (Y’all roll terribly. Just like me!)

Also, note that Might only breaks ties or piles on successes. It doesn’t add +1s to a failed roll.

Also: how did you interpret having two PCs driven off?

Yes, everyone did have bad rolls, but there were a couple good ones too! :slight_smile:

Ooops. We did mess up Might. Ha! We’re always trying not to forget it.

The rules felt really good. The turn advancement made sense instead of hours passing—players could still relate to being in adventure phase. The players were engaged and felt like their strategies mattered.

I appreciated that units begin at the point where they are right about to engage so that we don’t have to belabor moving around too much.

The players liked using the tokens and map better than without. We’ve done a few now both ways. For smaller battles with one or two monsters types, we’ve found not having a map is fine. But for larger battles like this, it really helps keep track.

The players really wanted to pull off a counterattack. Those rules are good and add a nice balance to the engagement rules. They tried to feint a lot. It was not clear if heroes could feint to engage. We interpreted it that they could feint but because they were not infantry and explicitly listed in the units that become engaged in a feint, that heroes could still move around if needed. Not sure if that is correct.

The disengaging and charging worked pretty well. If I wanted to be more evil, I might have been able to script more maneuvers and really hammer the players with the cavalry. Not sure if there is a possibility for abuse with the boss monster constantly disengaging and charging adjacent cavalry. I don’t think it is a problem. But on the other hand, cavalry dominated much of warfare for a reason.

For the players being driven off, we split the party and continued the grind. The main army could not camp until the others got back. For Bjorn it was a scout test to make his way back home on Turn 10 and Mángilik tested Pathfinder to get back home on Turn 11. Had they failed, I would have hit them with goblin stragglers twist and made a single fighter test to resolve it.

For the enemy compromise, not sure if it is a typo, but on p 123 it says:

All units 1d6: 1-2: driven off, 3-4: captured, 5-6: killed

instead of Each Unit. Not sure if that one is meant to be different than all the others.

Good stuff! Super fun.

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Awesome! I love how you handled the PC driven off result. Exactly what I would have done.

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Also, I’m shocked that the grind worked as well as it did!

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