2e Theurge questions

Hello! I have a couple of questions about Theurges based on the current 2e previews

  1. The section ‘Weight of the Burden’ (DG p101) says a Theurge must follow the Weight of the Burden procedure if the theurge doesn’t have the appropriate relic. This is regardless of how much burden the theurge can handle.

But the Invoking Without Relics section on p104 doesn’t mention following the Weight of the Burden procedure. It only says:

  • increase the invocation time by one turn
  • increase the burden by one
  • increase the obstacle by 1 (or 1s in a vs test)

If the Weight of the Burden procedure is mandatory if you don’t use a relic, can you please add this to the list in the Invoking Without Relics section? I find it a bit confusing that it isn’t mentioned

  1. Merciful Balm appears twice on the Starting Relics list on p42. Is this correct? It’s the only relic to appear twice

Thanks very much!

Remove the clause from Weight of Burden for performing an invocation without a relic.

When a theurge exceeds their Urðr, they feel the weight of their total burden immediately after the invocation, whether the ritual was successful or not.

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Merciful Balm is where it should be.

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Thank you Luke!

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You’re welcome. Let me know if you find anything else.

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