2iC vs Stentor

If your character has a close assistant or bodyguard around at all times, the guide is 2 lifepaths lower than the character. What about for the 2iC of a gang or crew? I assume it is the same, but wanted to check if I was just being too restrictive.

A gang or crew is a just combination of the Reputation/Affiliation/Stentor rules. It is essentially insurance for circling up someone in your particular gang much easier (Base Circles + Affiliation Dice + Repuatation Dice + 2iC helping) The two lifepath lower 2IC rule applies to this.

Ok, but the rules for buying a gang or crew state you don’t have to be the leader of the gang. The 2iC rules are mentioned as an exception, for when you are in charge. What happens if you want to play the 2iC? Is your boss required to be 2 LPs lower than you?

The other case I was specifically wondering about is what if your character has just enough lifepaths to get some position, but 2 less left the crew members too low.

Born to Rule, Coeptir, Armiger, L-P Anvil, Anvil Captain

then 2 fewer lifepaths (3) doesn’t seem to be enough to get troops in Anvil. Which may not be a problem, but could be depending on what kind of unit/team the player was thinking of when burning up this young hot-shot Captain.

If you’re playing the 2iC, then you pay for a Relationship with your boss: 2 Circles if he’s on your side, 1 if he’s not.


No, I get that. We weren’t discussing how much they are to buy. I want to know about his LP and exponent cap. The OP was making sure that the 2iC of your gang or crew obeyed the rules for subordinates and assistants, and the answer does seem to be yes.

But it doesn’t seem to make sense that your boss in your gang or crew would have to be 2 LPs below you.

A second in command or a boss is NOT the same thing as what is described under the I Need a Kerrn of a Stentor rule. That rule specifically refers to a character that acts as a bodyguard or assistant at all times. Only relationships who fill those latter roles are bound by the I Need a Kerrn of a Stentor rule.

Here is the difference: Under the I Need a Kerrn of a Stentor rules, the player burns up the relationship and plays/rolls for him in the game. He is your character, and if your primary character is killed or hulled, you may choose to play the secondary character.

On the other hand, a second in command or boss is burned by the GM and is the GM’s character to control. He may be used as the GM sees fit.

Though I think you could play it so that if you wanted to play a high lifepath badass bodyguard and a less impressive (but rich/high ranking) boss that are always together, I don’t think I’d have a problem with that.

Thanks Thor