2nd Edition Box Sets Character Sheet Errors - Where can I download?

I’ve signed up to post a little frustration. I am trying to learn the rules for MG. There were some errors in the book regarding traits. My confusion was added to further by the fact that the character sheets provided in the box also had errors on it relating to traits. I looked in the book and there is a nice picture of a character sheet. This seems contemporary and error free. I guessed there would be somewhere to download it - but it seems I was wrong. The character sheets in the sticky at the top of this forum’s page is an old one judging by the way the traits are handled.

Can anyone help? Is there any way of downloading the character sheets that are demonstrated in the rule book?

I have to say I’ve been a bit put off with the amount of internet detective work I had to do to figure out traits.

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I would also be interested in downloading corrected PDFs of the blank character sheets as well as corrected versions of all the pre-gens.

One available link: https://plus.google.com/100480375677546633004/posts/KP86vzjV8Mj

leads to a .pdf format which provides a good choice if you don’t have a box set pad of character sheets. If you order the box set, you will find a pad of character sheets included which is among the finest produced accessories for the box set. I found no errors regarding Traits on the box set character sheets.




I tried to open your sheet, but my Adobe said it was not a legitimate PDF.

I also confirmed that I have downloaded a PDF file and not a malware warning.

Simon b

I’m not certain what I can do to help. It isn’t a link I own, and also it is working correctly for me.

The link should lead to a G+ post in the Mouse Guard community and that post has the link to a shared dropbox file.

Finally got my font problem sorted out.

2E CS PDF is posted here!

Hey there folks,

So I just ordered the Mouse Guard 2nd edition box set on a whim, and so far it looks pretty intriguing. One thing is I wanted to avoid using too many of those nice crisp character sheets until I had a means of printing my own so I sought out an online version. That led here, but I noticed the sheets I have are a bit different than the one posted by Luke above. I was wondering if it would be a problem, for example Deceiver says manipulator or something to that effect. Also there is a little draw a mouse section, well draw gear I suppose because there is a pre-drawn mouse. So I guess I am wondering, will it be a problem, did kit come with the wrong sheets maybe? Am I just over thinking this? I scanned a copy of my sheet and pasted a link to the pdf below. Hopefully I did that right, I’m absolute rubbish with that sort of thing. Anyway, thanks for your time.


the sheet in the zip file above still has a Healthy condition listed and every reference to Manipulator is still Deceiver on both the character and conflict sheets. also, “Beneficial” is misspelled on the traits area under “Beneficial Effects”. is there a corrected sheet available?