2v1 Team Conflict Resolution Question

Hopefully this will make sense. I am working my way through the Deliver the Mail mission on page 286. I’m imagining this with 4 players and the wilderness obstacle fails introducing the raven on page 287.

Since it is 4 mice against 1 Raven they shouldbe on separate teams. For simplicity’s sake I will put Dain & Quentin on Team 1, Baron & Robin on Team 2.

Team 1 Goal: Protect Mail
Team 2 Goal: Get the Raven to leave

How does this conflict resolve if Team 1 loses all of its disposition and Team 2 depletes the Raven’s Disposition?

Please forgive me if this has been answered. I have searched and haven’t found the answer about team conflict resolution. Thanks.

What was the ravens goal?

But still, he get’s the mail and leaves

Yeah, “Protect the Mail” is a bad goal if the Raven’s goal is something like “Steal the Mail” (which it generally is in this scenario*). Remember not to set directly opposed goals in MG. Why? Because if the Raven fails to “Steal the Mail,” then the mail is automatically protected, so Team 1 didn’t get anything.


*This was the first MG scenario I ever played, with Thor GMing! Takes me back…

Let’s say the Goal was to “get a shiny object”.

Raven has no dispo left
Team 1 has no dispo left
Team 2 has (how much?) dispo left.

Anyway. Let’s say team 2 has all of their dispo left. This would mean the Raven at least get’s the mail (because Team 1 lost) but no shiny object and is chased away.
Let’s say he still get’s a compromise out of Team 2. This could be he steals the mail, a smal shiny object (maybe not a weapon but something usefull) and is chased away.
Or he get’s the mail and takes to the sky. But he is not flying away but is harrassing the patrol over the day (not totally chased away) Or maybe he will return later to attack them now (chased away but will return later).

Depending on the Raven’s goal, it’s certainly possible for Team 1 to fail to protect the mail and for the raven to fail to get any of it, or some of it. So, if the raven and team 1 are both out of dispo, knock the mailbag into a river or leave it hanging high up in a tree.

Good Thread! I’ve been wondering about that as well.

An other thing I find a bit fuzzy, along the same lines (2 vs 1 team conflicts).
Does the 1 team make their action (attack, defend, feint, manuever) against both the other teams? (asuming the 2 teams choose different actions)
I can’t ser it any other way, even though it seems a bit powerful. But if the 2 teams use a bit of tactical cooperation when choosing their actions they should have a huge advantage, right?

(o.t. Btw, I’m about to run my first session of Realm Guard tonight. I’m stoaked as a lemming on espresso. I’ll post a thread about it later…)

The two teams of mice in this example are on the same side. So, both are acting against the Raven.

Edit: ok, I’m slow today. Yes, the Raven would generally act against both teams, depending on what’s scripted. I would actually be guided by the fiction, here. Raven’s goal is “Get the mailbag!” not “Hurt mice.” so an attack might be “grab the straps in my beak and pull!” That targets any team trying to hold he bag or keep the Raven away from it right?

If the Raven lunges at Liam with his beak, that might be an attack on Liam’s team (it also might be a maneuver to give the raven a better hold on the bag too. Hypotheticals suck).

That’s a great follow up. I know that each team of mice rolls for separate disposition so I’m pretty sure they would take separate actions.

Yes. The mice would declare actions separately and then determine if they were independent actions or helping.

Thank you for your responses.

This is my first attempt at understanding how to run a RPG and it is somewhat daunting.

Last night I tried running through it by myself and with the dice rolls both teams of mice ran out of disposition.

I’m changing team one’s goal to: “Defend the Honor of the Guard”

  1. do all actions happen at the same time? For example, the raven’s action reduced team one’s disposition to zero. Does team one’s action still happen or is it removed since they lost all of their disposition?

  2. Since both guard teams lost (team 2 lost first so I will make their conditions more severe), I will give everyone conditions. What kind of compromise seems right for the Raven to offer up since most of it’s disposition was lost?

  3. During actions, can a mouse on the same team offer their help to say, an attack and add one dice? Do wises help during actions? I read last night that a player can suggest that their traits can help during an action.

Thanks for helping!

Actions are subject to the pace of the conflict, but are roughly occurring at the same time. Even if a side is reduced to 0 Dispo by an action, they also take their own action as well. In fact, if other teams are still in the conflict, that side still has a place in the narrative despite not rolling dice anymore.

I don’t have a suggestion for the compromise.

a team member can add helping die to their own fellows during their actions; it may be with a skill or wise, but not both. A teammate’s trait cannot be called upon mechanically, but I suppose you could call upon it narratively; no dice benefit nor checks earned, but it enlivens the story.