6 players, how many enemies in a villian fight?

I’m starting a mouse guard game Sunday and I’m going to have 6-7 players. What I’m wondering is if they should fight one owl or two?

Any suggestions? I’m trying to get a power feel for lots of players vs. one enemy and if I should use two.

You’re playing with too many players. But if you’re going to press on, divide them into three groups per challenges. Present each group with its own opposition.

6-7 players is large, but doable. Keep in mind that teams may not be bigger than 4; enforce that or else. You should usually see your players break into two teams; with 7, 3 teams is an option, but if someone is into the suckage mode (wounded and tired, for example) it’s often better for them to put a weak guy in as a 4th on one team (teams of 4-3) rather than have teams of 3-2-2.

Aim for key skills plus help and tools to match nature plus help.

So, if in a given conflict type, your party can bring 6d on attack and feint, 8d on defend, and 7d on maneuver, your bad guy team should be delivering 7d or so; if the bad guy is alone, it’s a 7d nature critter, but if two, they are nature 6, and 3 would be nature 5, and the max of 4 would be nature 4 each.

Long as you keep the expected rolls within a die or two, it balances well enough.