8 1/2 x11 placard, poster or advert

I’m looking for an A-size, or possibly B-size (11" x 17") poster or placard that has space suitable for entering in contact and day/time details for advertizing for players in a Burning Empires game and/or Omac demo.

If none exist right now, any suggestions for your favourite pictures for capturing the excitement and action of BE? I know there is that postcard in the wiki, but I look at it and keep thinking of Tough Guys.

“How about something in blue?”
“Blue is cold, sir. Red is hot!”

I’m considering just going with the cover art, which I really think says a lot. But there’s no bigass Iron on it and I’m not sure how to montage in, say, Faith with that picture since the cover is already a montage.

EDIT: Gak! I didn’t realize the PDF doesn’t have the cover art! So I don’t even have a digital source for that, I’m going the have to fire up the scanner. :frowning: A print-out of a scanned document, ugh.

I can send you a scan of something, Blakkie if you like. Contact me off-list.