A bit more on Skogenby

[FONT=arial]Eventually I hope to update the Skogenby PDF, but here’s some additional information about the village that may be of interest (note, these haven’t been playtested thoroughly yet, so I’d appreciate play reports if you use this stuff!):

Personalities of Skogenby

Lady Gry. A vassal-knight in service to Earl Jermod the Lame, she holds Skogenby as one of her fiefs but is largely an absentee landlord, preferring her manor, Asktoft. She’s content to let the village fend for itself, so long as nothing interferes with her rents. She can be affable with her peers, but is generally brusque with inferiors.

Bailiff Sigismund. A villager appointed by Lady Gry to manage the village, organize the planting and harvest and collect rents. He takes no guff from his fellow villagers, but is positively obsequious when it comes to Lady Gry. He’s desperate to get this business with the crypt resolved as soon as possible, especially since his son Jurgen was among Jora’s companions when she entered the crypt. He will become quite nervous if Earl Jermod’s rangers show up, as part of the fields the villagers cleared were technically within the bounds of the earl’s forest. Sigismund and his brother Baugi secretly moved the property markers one night several months ago.

Gytha Vigdis. Vigdis is the eldest woman in the village and is the grandmother or great grandmother of many of the villagers. As a gytha, she is a priestess responsible for performing the rites and rituals to the Immortal Lords. She is patient, observant and expects deference. Vigdis suspects and fears that the only way to appease the horror the villagers have disturbed is with blood sacrifice—likely the children responsible.

Hakemunn Grim. Grim is the wealthiest, most prominent farmer in Skogenby. When he talks, the other freemen listen, despite his mean sense of humor. Grim believes the village should forget about the girl, seal up the crypt and wash its hands of the matter. He makes no bones about sharing that view. As more and more people die in the night, other villagers are increasingly agreeing with him.
Johanna. Gytha Vigdis’ granddaughter and apprentice, Johanna is also Jora’s mother and the wife of Vagn, the village blacksmith. She’s terrified for her daughter and desperately wants her home safely. She’s working up the nerve to poison Hakemunn Grim before he sways the rest of the village to his view.

Marius. Jora’s cousin, Marius, is 12-years-old and carried one of the arm rings back to Skogenby after she disappeared. He’s ashamed of himself for abandoning Jora—he was the first to run. He is also grief-stricken: His father, Per, was the first of the villagers slain in the night by the spirit of the crypt. He blames himself.

And another entry for the Wandering Monsters section (outside only):

These men and women in the service of Earl Jermond the Lame have come to investigate reports of bandits hiding in the forest near the Post Road and to determine whether the villagers of Skogenby illegally cleared lands that are part of the Earl’s forest preserve. They have little sympathy for the peasants’ plight, but will seek to enforce the Earl’s rights to any treasure discovered if the crypt proves to have been in the Earl’s preserve.

Forest Wardens
Might 2
Nature 4
Will 4
Health 5
Resources 2
Circles 2

Scout 5, Fighter 4, Hunter 3, Survivalist 3
Wises: Forest-wise, Earl’s Lands-wise
Traits: Grim (1), Keen-eyed (1)[/FONT]