A blood magic question

If Sr. Palpatine “utilizes” two separate victims, err, contributors, can he stack the advantage dice pools?

  1. A Will 2 and a Will 3 victim are sacrificed. Can he take a +5D to a single action?

  2. 2 unfortunate souls are tormented for 1D of advantage dice each. Can he take +2D to a single action?

“The Power Remains Until Used” seems to suggest that the dice might be able to be accumulated, but I’m not 100% clear (and this section is solely under the appropriately-gruesome Torture header).

Apologies if I missed something terribly obvious.

Blood magic replacing helping rules would suggest being able to combine–since helping can be much stronger, with many helpers–but OTOH the ability to accumulate and store dice would be extremely powerful.


I believe the intent was to build a reservoir of dice. The other side of that intent is that culling victims should be difficult and time-consuming.

So you build your reservoir and then head out to conduct your unsavory tasks—or begin your lengthy rituals.


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