a character

This is for -Ice, he asked me to for reasons i dont know

name: Ethan
age: 15
home: Sprucetuck
Fur Color: jet black
Gaurd rank: Tenderpaw
Parents: Kearra and Seyth (seyth killed by weasles in war)
SA: Rand the armorer
Mentor: (needed)
Friend: Ivy the inkeeper
Enemy: Trevor the trader
Belief: Mice ill always be threatened, only by uniting will we survive
Instinct: Always be prepared
Gear:Shield, knife, bow, grappling hook, first aid kit, herb pouch, lantern, acorn shoes (in winter)
Traits: inquisitive lvl.1 sharptooth lvl.1 Leader lvl.1

character notes: is afraid of everything a mouse should be afraid of- except weasles, he believes that his father (killed by weasles) wil help him triumph against any weasle he should meet.

player notes: if playing via skype, i do not have a webcam. i have some experience from anothe MG gsme played via skype wthout a webcam. i m young, but it didnt bother my other group. i can not play on fridays because of said MG game

Hello mirado. Thanks for posting. Allow me to quote Twice’s reason:

That way, the entire community is aware of your character and can comment. :smiley:

Also, regarding your instinct, what is he prepared for? If it is for combat, I can see him being armed to the teeth, if it is for adventure, I can see him being laded with ropes, hooks, etc. If it is for both, I can’t see a mouse carry all that gear!