A couple Fight! questions

Heres some questions that popped up in today’s game.

1- Is it possible to block a spell or its only being soaked by the armor directly?

2- With two weapon fighting using Block&Strike, do the player uses two different skills (one for each weapon: 1 to block and 1 to hit) or only one skill divided in two? If so what is the second weapon is used for??? This question comes from the idea of using the shield to block instead of dividing the dice pool with shield wielding so…we guessed that with two weapons you should use two skills…instead of one divided in two.

3- When casting a spell in a Fight!, if the spell count as 1 action in a volley (under 20 actions to cast) do you spend 1 volley to cast it then fire it or directly cast/fire it in a single volley?


  1. No, armor soak is the only protection once the spell is let go. If you can hurt a sorcerer while they are casting you can interrupt them.

  2. Use the primary weapon skill, just like with normal B&S with a shield. Use the parrying blade stat line on page 480.

  3. I think you’re confused. The 20 action = 1 volley is for casting spells in Range and Cover. In fight, a 20 action spell will take a Reflexes 4 sorcerer 15 volleys (or five full exchanges). That aside, if you have a spell that takes a single action to cast (Shards for example) then spell initiation, casting, and firing happen all within the same action.

oh…thank you!