A dreadnought - Siege Perilous (link to 3D model)

Good evening,

In a nascent BE game I’m GMing one of my GMFoN is trying to recover the Siege Perilous, a high index assault dreadnought. Siege Perilous hasn’t been burned up as tech, the concept is for a conventional dreadnought with six Q-beams to slap on additional weapons that can be used against ground targets and a hanger bay for atmospheric craft and provide a superior CIC environment, and I’m sure if the Karsan League ever gets a hold of it some super psych weapon.

Yes, it’s a bit over the top and should make an appearance to the tune of “Card to Play” from Starcraft II (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6squ47FqK8k).

So without further ado and no infringement to Chris’ Iron Empire setting…

Siege Perilous http://www.shapeways.com/model/176357/siege_perlious.html?gid=ug30237

I started with the Cormoran designs from Bloodstained Stars and then added a few dashes of Homeworld 2 Vaygar designs.

If the group mind has any suggestions on things that I’m getting wrong about hammer design, I’d love the feedback. (especially about that top knot)

I will not be making the model available for production unless it’s blessed/approved by Chris, it’s his setting, we just enjoy it.

I love it. Can you show other perspectives and perhaps a bigger view?



I’ll get some bigger views posted.

If you run your mouse over the image you’ll see a “view in 3d” link in the lower righthand corner of the picture.

(this link would work too http://www.shapeways.com/model/176510/siege21.html?mode=3d)


Very cool, Stephen! The only comment i have is that there’s no distortion tail. Hyperexpanded distortion fields (HEx) require a deployed “tail” which is retracted in combat (to keep it from being targeted). Outside of combat , a warship will usually leave its tail extended to give it greater control over its distortion field, but it’s not really necessary at low expansion (see the fight between the Silver Orchid and the Mercator in Faith Conquers).

Your ship has its tail retracted (clearly!), because it’s going into combat. Page 53 of BSS shows the scale of a distortion tail on various ship profiles (the little “hook” extending downward at the stern). The Outraiders have their tails on the dorsal surface (p.55).

What program did you use to build your model? It’s impressive!



Thank you for the compliment!

The distortion tail is retracted, I’ll add the detail for it when I rework the model for version 2.0 and make sure it fits into the design.

If I’m really slick I’ll figure out a way to make it print off a tail retracted and an extended tail…might make a good connection point for a stand. (hey, I need something to mark my desk!)

My plan is to have a version 2.0 up by December 6th after I get the physical model back and make sure that all the bits print out as designed.

The Software is Rhino3d (www.rhino3d.com) and I’ve been using it off and on for a few years, mostly off. It’s a bit over the top for most CGI work, but for producing models that you can produce in 3d, it’s vital.


So you’ll be able to make a physical version of this… my mind is expanding…

Post a photo when you get it, please!



Yes, yes I can make a physical model of this, in fact it was ordered this morning.

Two weeks and you’ll have pictures…and once I make sure it doesn’t look like rubbish I’ll send one to you.

Chris (and for pt 2 the forum mind),

I ran into a bit of a problem with getting Siege printed out, so I have two questions:

  1. what prefix would you like to see on the ship? I’m thinking KLV Moeller (Karsan League Vessel) or CIS Moeller (Comoran Imperial Ship) but am open minded.

  2. The ships top knot is going to be shrunk a bit and made into more of a sensor platform than the current gun type thing, a distortion tail is going to be added, the engines bulked up and the platforms (row of four things) smoothed over a bit. Any other changes to make it more BE feeling?

Thanks and long live the worm killers!

Yes. Yes, it will be mine.

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