A Dumb Question

What happens when a character possesses both of the following traits?

Long of Limb (Die Trait - 4pts): Abnormally long arms or legs. Long of Limb increases the character’s bare-fisted reach in positioning tests to long. If used with a weapon, increase the weapon length by one step.

Massive Stature (Die Trait - 4pts): This character is the size of a Troll. Due to his imposing bulk, his weapon length categories are increased by one step. If wielding a “longest” weapon, he may count his weapon “longer than longest!”

Both of these traits allow you to consider weapons longer than normal, so what happens when you wield a “longest” weapon? Do they stack and become “longer than longer than longest” or do they cap at “longer than longest?” If they are considered “longer than longer than longest,” that’d be hilarious I think. It still wouldn’t grant more than +2D advantage because that’s the max advantage conferred by weapon length (pg 430) but it would allow you to receive max engagement advantage even if your opponent is wielding a “longest” weapon.

They don’t stack, as you might notice by the cost and effect, they are essentially the same trait with different color.

I’d stack them, but no “longer than longest” stuff. If the trait doesn’t explicitly open up a new range band, then you don’t get one!