A Few Questions

(posted over at Kickstarter this morning)

Another backer and I were having coffee this morning and we both had the following questions.

  1. How does the fatigue checklist come into play in terms of “in game” effects?
  2. Are conditions applied to a character in the same manner as Mouse Guard?
  3. What factors affect a character’s desire to eat?


Hi Modoc,*

  1. You check off those fatigue factors during the adventure phase and they make it harder to recover from the Exhausted condition.
  2. Yes.
  3. You can get hungry and thirsty as part of a failed test, just like Mouse Guard. But there’s also a turn tracker in TB. All characters get hungry and thirsty every few turns. It simulates the strain of exploration devilishly well.


*I assume you’re the Mental Organism Designed Only for Coffee


Thank you for the insight. I will pass it on to my buddy who also backed the project.

Have never seen my nickname broken down that way, but very true. I love my coffee.


You don’t know your namesake? I think whoever named you has some explaining to do. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MODOK

AIM never gets anything right.

But they DO get silly yellow hazmat looking suits

I knew they were missing something in SPOILERS.

My name is derived from when I was an active member of the SCA with a middle eastern personae.