A few questions...

Rafe, don’t read before tonight!!!

Sorry if this is obvious I just can’t find it at the moment.

If the whole group is trying to do something like run a way from something, I assume this is a Health test. Who makes it? each individual? or one person for the group?

If trying to stay on a route during a big storm what do you test? Pathfinder?


Oh and for Seagull does this look ok stat wise.

as for Bird N5
Flying, Scavenging, Diving

  1. Sure, Health test. But I seem to recall that Escaping is a descriptor for Nature. So that, too.

1a) Each individual.

1b) Unasked, but I know what you’re thinking: What if one player fails and everyone else makes it? Golly, I wonder if there’s a mechanic in the game to compensate for just that occasion…

  1. Pathfinder seems reasonable to me. What would you have them test?

  2. Seagulls are as big and nasty as Ravens. Just dumber.

Thanks for the reply, luke. It’s out first run through tonight so I am just thinking of your first session.

Mission is roughly: Deliver first mail of the spring to the mice at Calegero.

Weather Obstacle: storm on the way up the coast so I was thinking Pathfinder with something like Ob4, or vs Season Nature? or is that only for Weather Watching?

Mouse Obstacle: The mice are missing when they get there…

Wilderness Twist: If they fail at the weather Pathfinding then they’ll find themselves on the shore with the tide coming in. So Health or Nature vs Ob3?

Animal Twist: should they fail at the Wilderness Twist then they could find themselves stranded on a rock outcrop with a seagull that thinks they look tasty getting interested. I expect a fight here, to use the conflict mechanics (I’ll use Raven as you suggested with a little variation here, maybe too much?)

Does this sound fair enough?

I kinda agree with Luke: for the players (who are playing Mice), they can use Nature.

What I’m wondering is this: why not use a chase conflict?

I like the GM Turn outline.

  1. Weather: Pathfinder… I think I like the vs Season. Remind the players that they can choose to use traits against themselves and gain 2 checks

1a. Twist: Wilderness … tide coming in. I think this may be where the chase conflict can work … the tide is “chasing” the mice. All the tricky terrain can be interpreted as manuevers and feints on behalf of the wilderness. This may be a great way to introduce the conflict mechanism without having a “deadly” fight.

1b. Twist: Animal … I wouldn’t try to ram two conflicts against new players on their first adventure. So you might want to offer a simple Ob test here and let the Mice use their Survivalist or Nature to Escape. Of course, you can swap the mechanics for 1a and 1b and have the conflict occur here… I just think that the conflict consequences can be “deadly” when you use an animal rather than wilderness.

sidenote: As Luke alluded, splitting up the party is a great plot twist.

pre #2: Just remember that the player(s) have to get to #2 somehow, even if they fail the double-twisted #1 above.

  1. Mice: missing.

cool good idea on using a conflict for the tide.

re luke’s comment I had assumed he meant throw a condition at any mouse that failed to get away from the ‘chase’ rather than split the party up.


Yeah, that makes the most sense to me. You can split 'em up for another obstacle, but it would only be one side going against that Ob (scout to find the patrol) while everyone else waits around. Or perhaps if they can think of a plausible way to offer help dice even while physically distant (“I take off my red cloak, climb up a bush, and wave it in the air”), it could keep everyone involved. Nevermind. It works either way.

It’s quite funny to read this after the session just happened. It was a helluva lot of fun! Well done, Dan! I’ll post an AP report tomorrow and stick a link in this thread. We all had a blast! Triple twist weee!

Actual Play write-up is here. Dan, please add any stuff I missed!