(A) general question(s) about copyright

So how does this copyright stuff work in the case of Mouse Guard and Mouse Guard hacks?

Obviously nobody has any objections about hacks distributed freely on the net in digital formats, at least not so far. I guess it’s also OK to print my own hack and give it away in a physical form but can I sell a hack on a web page for a ‘‘self serving cost’’ covering paper, ink and cost for sending the printed hack by mail? Can i sell my own hack and get a dollar for myself (after substracting cost for mail, ink and paper), actually earn a dollar?

I guess it comes down to if a hack is a ‘‘stand alone piece of art’’. Does the amount matter in any of the cases?

Anyhow, it’s important, of course, to clearly point out that it’s not a stand alone game even if it should be a ‘‘stand alone piece of art’’.

/A curious hacker, curious even for being a ferret :slight_smile:

Depends on Luke. So long as your hack has no other IP issues, it’s up to whether or not Luke is okay with your use of the MG IP for profit. My guess… probably not. Getting some costs back is probably fine, but making something from it is likely not.

Just my gut feeling.

You cannot reprint any of my text.
You cannot reprint any of David’s art.
You can design your own piece that references the Mouse Guard book and its rules.

The real question: Trademark. Whomever owns the Mousguard Trademark needs to approve for use of the trademark, or, as per TSR v. JG, you have to cite compatibility only in neutral text.