A halfway house between Bloody Versus and Fight!

So I’ve never been quite happy with Bloody Versus or full Fight! and I’m thinking of running combat like a sort of modified BV+ specifically:

  1. Build your dice pool with advantage dice for higher reflex, stride, most appropriate weapon length, and FoRKs.
  2. Split between offence and defence pool (add shield dice to defence).
  3. Roll off subtracting offence from defence, use bonus successes to move impact point, ADD etc.
  4. Loser makes armour check and, if failed, consults anatomy of injury taking damage based on the weapon / power of the attacker as in full FIGHT!
  5. Winner gets their intent, if intent was to kill and the victim isn’t dead then they can re-try (no Let it Ride)
    Anyone done anything like this, anyone see any issues?