A Handful of Random Haggling Questions

What is meant by “Haggling is done individually”? Does this mean other players can’t help? Or that if they do help, the rewards are for the individual who initiated the test, and the helpers are then allowed to haggle themselves, separately later on?

Sorry to be a pedant, but are the haggling penalties levied on “the party” intended for the party, or just the people who helped? What about “your friends?”

What happens if two party members roll events that cancel each other out? Do they just suck it up and deal with it?

Not sure what the official version is, but here’s how we’ve handled it.

No help. Each person chooses to roll or not during the Haggle step.

Results are for individuals unless the group is explicitly mentioned. If the party is mentioned, the results apply to the party.

There’s no prohibition on sharing, though, so if there’s an idol statue that the party brought back, anyone can sell it.

Haggling in Torchbearer is basically gambling. The odds of considerably improving your situation are slim, but when it happens it is like hitting the jackpot.

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Also do not know the official response. Here is what we did in our session somewhat recently.

Halfling Burglar used Haggler to test for his own Town Phase activities.

Elf Ranger (myself) tested Beginner’s Luck of Haggler to test for my own Town Phase activities.

No Helpers.

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