A little help with a shield name, if you please.

Hey, guys. My character, Avalon, a lady-mouse from Sandmason, forged a glass enhanced shield with a design based on her mount, a blue jay named Indigo. Right now, she’s calling it The Glass Shield of Avalon, but my GM says it deserves a better name. I’m stumped. I was hoping you guys might help. Any suggestions? Avalon is a defender and an honorable soldier. She is, however, young and somewhat naive. She was raised as a soldier and never really had a childhood. The shield itself is lighter and quicker than normal shields. If you can’t read the features, it has the normal +2D to Defend actions, but it also adds +1D to dispositions like light armor and gains a +1D to Feint and Maneuver actions vs. Feint actions. It is fragile and must be reinforced annually at a forge equipped to maintain glass arms or lose function.

Any suggestions on a name for this fine weapon?

Shard, lens, crystal, eye, ice, snowflake

ward, defense, bastion, aegis

or some combination there of…

What’s wrong with The Glass Shield of Avalon? That’s pretty standard mythological shield naming (The Shield of Achilles, The Shield of Ajax, The Shield of Judas Maccabee).

Anyway, you could go with The Indigo Aegis or Sword-breaker, or go really old norse with “Sword Shamer” (well, Headland of Swords, but it also means shame of swords).

Yeah, I did some research into famous shields of mythology and, you’re right, they were mostly named The Shield of X. Will probably stay with that unless she does something special with it.

Agreed about keeping the name. “The Shield of Avalon” totally works. Keep it.

To rif off of kennings and noclue - Sword Prow, Battle Keel, Conflict Swan, Wave Breaker, Wind Splitter