A little something extra.

Alright, I am currently working on a Hack(There may be something like this already if so please point me there) that will add a few more playable races into the mouse guard world. The premises is still the same, still a guard, still surviving and so on. However now there are more friends along the way.

For continuity reason, this most likely would be in another part of the world.

The other races on the list so far are,

Blue tailed lizard, Tree Frog, Common Mole, Pygmy Hedgehog, and Sugar Glider(On the chopping block at the moment.)

Details are not hashed out yet and when they are I will post more, however I wanted to throw this out and see if anyone had any interest in this or any suggestions. Please I welcome any kind of input.

One thing that I do need that I have no ability or talent for is creating a PDF character sheet. I need one that leaves the nature blank, has a space for race, and doesn’t have anything specific to mice. If anyone just feels a tugging at their heart strings to make this for me I would be very much grateful.

Well anyways it is late and I shall be typing things up tomorrow so hopefully more then.

Update 3/2/10~
Well this is the biggest delay. I made a map. I tried to kind of copy the style of the maps in MG

The races and their natures, along with a free trait I am giving to all of them.

Tree Frog
~Nature: Climbing, Swimming, Leaping, Insect Hunting
~Trait: Long Legs- Having long legs makes jumping about easy but making and sneaking a bit harder.

~Nature: Digging, Cricket Hunting, Running Climbing
~Trait:Tall-While being tall helps you reach things, It makes you easier to be seen.

~Nature: Burrowing, Smelling, Worm Hunting, Hiding
~Trait: Subterranean- Living underground makes the non-visual senses more keen but weakens sight.

~Nature: Rolling, Digging, Foraging, Running
~Trait: Size- You are bigger and heavier than others, making you a force to be reckoned with but also makes you a bigger target.

~Nature: Escaping, Climbing, Hiding, Foraging
Trait: Any- Select one free trait because mice a varied and many.

Hometowns and their skills and traits.

The Kingdom of Oakhaven is a mouse fun feudal state.

Oakhaven- A city of Royals and Scholars. The center of the Kingdom.
Skill: Persuader, Instructor
Trait: Leader

Roseroot- A collection of ranches in the rose bushes known for their beetles.
Skill: Insectrist, Hunter
Trait: Independent

Fort Stone- The mouse hold against the weasels.
Skills: Fighter, Scout
Trait: Alert, Brave

Clearwater- Oakhavens very down to earth port town, known for its wonderful brews.
Skill: Brewer
Trait: Rational, Stoic

The Free Republic of Mice- A nation of mice run by the people for the people.

Riverdale-The capitol and center of government.
Skill: Administrator, Archivist
Trait: Extrovert, Leader

Cottonvale- A port city known for its cotton products.
Skill: Harvester, Miller
Trait: Steady Paws

Birchshade-A city built under birch trees with great apiarists.
Skills: Apiarist, Carpenter

Marshwallow- A town built above a marsh that uses the gases for science.
Trait: Determined

Hedgehog Tribes- The high grounds held by the traveling Hedgehog Tribes.

Salt cave- A set of caves with many salt pools and rich clay.
Skills: Potter

Clifftown- The only entrance to the Hedgehogs plateau.
Skill Glazier
Trait: Inquisitive

The Skinks Grove. The only hold of the reclusive Lizards

Hollowgrove- Built in a fallen log, the only Skink city is known for its beautiful fireflies
Skill: Lore(AKA Loremouse) Healer
Trait: Graceful

Tree Frog Lake- While this is the official home of the Frogs, they can be found all over the lands.

Port Willow- A port built in a willow tree
Skill: Boat crafter, Cartographer
Trait: Open Minded

Reedshore- A breeding ground and nursery for the Frogs
Skill: Weather watcher
Trait: Generous

Mole Mines- The deep mines held by the Moles.

Deepmine- The capitol and the deepest of all the Iron mines
Skill: Laborer
Trait: Hard worker

Quary(Yes the extra R is left out on purpose)- An open rock quarry that supplies a deal of stone to the lands.
Skill: Stonemason
Trait: Big Paw

Bellows Keep- The Moles keep against weasel lands.
Skill: Militarist
Trait: Bold

Watchpointe- The souther most end of the mole lands, know for its smiths.
Skill: Armorer, Smith
Trait: Stubborn

The Great City of Thornbrush- The massive city is known best for its neighborhoods rather than the city as a whole.(Inspired Ankh-moorpork) Built in the stump of a massive fallen tree, the city also spills into the briars that surround it.

The Ups- The Highest level where only the richest and plumpest live.
Skill: Orator
Trait: Fat

The Brush- The surround homes built in the briars
Skill: Weaver, Pathfinder
Trait: Nimble

The Roots- The dark side of Thornbrush, the slums built in the hollowed out roots.
Skil:l Deceiver, Survivalist
Trait: Jaded, Optimistic

The Square- The market district of Thornbrush in the center of the hollowed stump.
Skill: Baker, Cook
Trait: Early Riser

The Waterfront- The docks built onto the side of the stump at the water front.
Skill: Haggler
Trait: Skeptical

I know someone already created a generic MG character sheet on PDF, although I don’t think it has been linked in the wiki. It must be somewhere in this forum…

Thank you very much, I will see what browsing I can do, Sorry for the delay on the update.

Sugar Gliders have been officially removed from the line up.

Aww but they were my favorite, i love those little guys

Will there be caeke?

Those miniatures are amazing. And thank you MadDrB for finding the character sheet for me. Im sorry for still having no updates on this, There was a death in my family so hopefully soon after this one will come.

Wooo! Finaly big update!