A Map

Our Torchbearer game is getting under way again, after a long hiatus. (That’s a long story. It involves one Torchbearer and one Burning Wheel campaign, time-intensive jobs, one player being run over by a car, another player moving away, then two other players crashing their car at high speed, followed by two more moves, … well, and so on. I think I’ve forgotten half the rules in the meantime.) Anyway – to celebrate, I finally decided to completely redo my first, rough map, this time on A5 (about digest sized):

It’s still unfinished; the mountain range at the top and some hills remain to be done, and I need to think of some names for the towns; some little details may still change. I’ve always wanted to do a map in that style. You know, considering I’m not much of an artist, I’m rather pleased so far.

Still, I’m wondering if a West Marches layout wouldn’t have been more interesting. A line of fortified towns at the edge of what passes for civilization, and most of the rest of the map to the west or north filled with wilderness, mountains and ruins. Well, some day, perhaps.

This is fantastic! Great job!

(I’m totally stealing your map, you realize…)

Love the map!

Dude. This looks really great.

I have this old Wacom tablet that somebody gave me. I tried to use it because I like the idea of drawing maps where the different areas are all Photoshop layers. One map gets printed out for the players. Then I select “Show Layer” for the one that contains all the EVIL. Then I print that one for myself, the GM.

Unfortunately Wacom tablet makes me feel like I have Parkinson’s. I gotta draw on paper like you, yours is very nice.