A Question about Scripting in Conflicts

First off, I want to suck up a bit and say I absolutely love this game! I ran my first session last night and everyone had a complete blast Delivering the Mail, but I did run into a spot of confusion regarding multiple teams in a conflict, and I was hoping someone might help me clear things up. (Some Spoilers for that mission below)

What I’m wondering is, in a conflict with two teams against one, if one team scripts an action the would prevent it’s target from testing, does that prevent the target from testing against the other team present?

For example, in the game I ran last night, I had two teams of Mice (A and B) fighting against a Raven.

Mice A scripted an Attack
Mice B scripted a Defend
The Raven scripted a Feint, targeted at Mice B.

Would Mice A’s Attack prevent the Raven’s Feint against Mice B? If so, would Mice B be able to test their Defend, or would the Raven’s Feint still prevent them from testing, even though it was unable to test?

Thanks for any help anyone might have for me, I don’t mean to ask stupid questions, so if this was covered in the book or elsewhere on the forum, I apologize for wasting people’s time. I did take a look at both and didn’t see anything, but I may have just missed it.

Overall, not a big deal, we got by alright in our game (and I got to steal some mail from some mice, who now have a very distraught Loretta on their hands!)

The way I see it, based on clarification in other threads, is that Mice A attack. The Raven attacks (due to feint). Mice B don’t defend due to feint vs defend.

Patrick is correct.

Mice A get an Ob 0 Attack vs. the Raven (Attack vs. Feint).

The Raven gets an Ob 0 Feint vs. Mice B (Feint vs. Defend).

Awesome, that’s how I ran it in game, but I wasn’t sure if that was right.

Thanks for the help!