A question about treatment and recovery of Mortal Wounds

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First of all I wanted to greet you. I’ve wanted to participate in these forums for a long time and be part of this very particular community.

A few months ago I finally decided to get into Burning Wheel and the truth is that I fell completely in love with the game. It’s been a long time since a role-playing game has challenged me so much. I feel that when I go through the pages of the book I am discovering something that I have waited all my life.

Anyway, the last few months I have been studying the game, I convinced my group to play, I directed the “The Sword” scenario, then we put together our own characters and last night we had our first session of the “Isle of Mist” campaign.

For that I was reviewing the book and there is a specific rule that I do not understand:

In reference to the treatment and recovery of a wound, in the chapter “The Anatomy of Injury”, page 494 (BWGR), the book says that after recovering from a Mortal Wound, the character must recover from the other existing wounds, but Isn’t that the case with all other wounds besides Mortal Wounds?

That is, if a character has a Midi and a Severe Wound, he must recover from both wounds, I suppose starting with the most serious (the Severe). If so, why clarify that Mortal Wounds “heals differently from the other wounds” (p494 BWGR).

I was hoping that, if it’s not a bother, someone from these forums can help me.

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Howdy, and welcome to the forums!

I think the confusion here is that the Mortal Wounds section doesn’t actually say that you gotta recover from the other existing wounds; but rather you have to recover from all of the existing wound TYPES in sequence to recover from a Mortal Wound. So, if you have just a Midi Wound, you test for Treatment once, then you test for Recovery once, that determines how much of a recovery you will make and for how long. You wait that period of time, and then you get your dice back and no more wound. If you have a Midi Wound and a Severe Wound, you roll for Treatment for the Midi Wound once and Treatment for the Severe Wound once. Then Recovery once for each. Then you wait for those wounds to close concurrently.

If you have just a Mortal Wound, though, you test for Treatment for the Mortal Wound, then you Test for Recovery. Then you wait to get through the Mortal Wound Recovery time… Then you test for Treatment and Recovery for a Traumatic Wound! This is what is different about Mortal Wound Recovery: Your Mortal Wound heals in stages, going all the way down through Traumatic, Severe, Midi, Light, and Supperficial. If you have a Mortal Wound and a Midi Wound, you test for each of those, then wait them out concurrently. Probably your Midi Wound closes before you get to the Traumatic stage of the Mortal Wound Recovery.

Does that make sense? I hope I conveyed that adequately.


It makes a lot of sense.
Clear as an elven soul with B2 Grief.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Now I’m looking forward to the PCs getting hurt.


He has jokes! :joy:

I’m happy to help! Have a good time!


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