A question I've had for almost a half-decade regarding Colonial Marines

What is weapon range? Every weapon in the Colonial Marines pdf has “short” “medium” or “long” associated with it, but there aren’t any rules I can see to define these. Is it fluff?

Are you asking about the Regiment? If so, that’s a John Harper and Paul Riddle game. You should have better luck getting an answer if you ask on: https://community.bladesinthedark.com/c/off-topic-lounge/rpgs

I think this is about the USCMC hack.

It looks like an implicit version of range inspired by Burning Wheel. This exists in Torchbearer explicitly, as each ranged weapon is described in relation to the others: a crossbow outranges a bow, a bow outranges a sling, a sling outranges thrown weapons, etc.

In essence, if a weapon makes attack against attack into a versus test (what my group calls “first strike” for short) then the weapon with greater range negates that.

But you could also use a range advantage to define the parameters of certain conflicts and resolutions, especially those where range is important.

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Was talking about this here:

Mordeth, I think you’re almost certainly right. The distinction between sling/crossbow/bow is kinda sneaky because of how it’s written in the book, so I never would have thought of it that way. Thanks!

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Do you have a page reference for the ranges in TB? I can never find it when I think to look…

They’re spread out in the descriptions of the various ranged weapons. Torchbearer doesn’t have a unified range rule, it’s all interactions.

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