A Question of Cassandra

The Augur lifepath has a listed trait of “Cassandra” (third trait on the list). It doesn’t appear in the index or trait list, and the only references I have found involve fortune tellers (basically Augurs).
Does BWG use this as a character trait, die trait, or is it a call on for astrology or something? (I would guess character trait but it was pointed out to me that farmers don’t get a “farmer” trait and an augur by definition is a fortune teller). How does Burning Wheel define the Cassandra Trait?

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a Trojan princess who was cursed by the gods with the ability to see the future, but to never be beileved. My assumption that it’s meant as a character trait to be mined for artha whenever people not believing in your prophesies causes you trouble, or drives the story in an interesting direction.

So kinda like the Misunderstood Die Trait in the Magic Burner, but in Character Trait form?

She refused a tryst with Apolo who was in charge of oracles. So her prophecies are true but cursed to not be believed. She is the aeternal “I told you so”.

It ties in with the march of folly and madness. Folly being defined as acting against your own best interests while in full posession of the facts.

Great background, and thanks! (I missed that one) but what does this trait mean in Burning Wheel game terms? How is it defined?

Most traits without descriptions are just Character traits. I think it just signifies that your character is like Cassandra.

Yes, but most character traits are at least listed as a character trait, this isn’t.
I’m sure that’s what it is but I had never even heard of the greek Cassandra before. All that came up on my research sites were references to fortune tellers and augurs (not much help) that’s why I turned here, looking for the official burning wheel answer.

Taelor got it in one. It’s a character trait and reference to The Iliad.

Ok then, it is a character trait, and I should definitely reread Homer. (Sixth grade was so long ago.)
Thanks Everyone!