A question on Aristia.

I am just wondering if you must spend the required 5 fate, 3 persona, a 1 deeds point all at once to enter an Aristia, or if it has a cumulative effect?

All at once. Epiphany is the cumulative reward.

As far as I can tell, it is all at once. The cumulation of Artha spent on given rolls counts toward an Epiphany

So, the price is to enter aristeia,and only the effects of aristeia kick in, right? The individual effects of all that artha don’t, correct?

I.e. you don’t get to add +3 to your roll for the persona points, open end the 6s with the fate or rerolling the traitors for the Deeds. You only get either the Minor Epiphany or the Saving Grace.


Thanks a bunch.