a Question on Map Validity

hey i was looking at some forums and found (in the The-Village-of-Venn thread) multiple links for some maps. I also found two links on google for maps that were not mentioned. so the question is does the maps validity matter? I understand the 1108, and the two maps for 1150.

I also found a map for 1138 where lockhaven is listed but the map is either zoomed out or there was some SERIOUS flooding. Is this real/ valid? none of the villages/ towns/ or cities matched compared to the other maps on Mr. Petersen’s MG site. So all I can think of is the 1138 map must be zoomed out as if I were looking at a county of lockhaven.

The last map is titled the Black Forrest, without a date. i believe this is a personal initiative with good author creativity. But again i am curious as to the validity and location of where the black forrest is (i think it is east of wolfepointe just past the scent boundary, possibly south).

Use whatever map you want for your game.

You don’t happen to still have the links to those maps?

Here: http://www.mouseguard.net/world-guide/maps/.

Here: http://burningwheel.org/forum/showthread.php?7790-Tales-of-the-Black-Forest

Jason’s map was just that—a map for his personal Mouse Guard game, which recalled a part of Pennsylvania he was familiar with. It would be a long way from the Black Forest to David Petersen’s Mouse Territories.

These were from a personal game as well—none of the settlement names are the same, with the exception of Lockhaven. Some nice maps, though. Reminds me of “The Great Gatsby’s” West Egg and East Egg.


and let us not forget “murder at the scarnsea monestary!” I was looking at this map and i actually thought it might have been a house detail (i’m an idiot). turns out it’s a huge plot of land! i also found out that the little stream running under the southwest room is called a reredorter (toilet), and was traditionally placed in the southwest corner of the monestary area. i like the plot too, but i do not read enough books to apply other stories to the mouse guard realm :frowning: