A Question Regarding Passes and Failures

Hey all! First off I’d like to tip my hat to Luke Crane for creating this wonderfully unique rpg, and to David Peterson for crafting the world in which it resides.

I’m currently GM’ing a group with my friends, and everyone seems to be enjoying it immensely. However, we’ve hit a few small hiccups because a number of the players happen to be the types who are very focused on rules systems and nomenclature. The rulebook is written in a very informal and conversational manner, which I like, but it causes problems when trying to find answers to obscure questions.

One such issue has arisen in regards to the pass/fail system of character advancement. As I understand it, when a character fails a roll, one of two things can happen. The GM can either introduce a twist as a result of failure, or he can allow the character to succeed while incurring a condition.

With that in mind, then, here’s my question. If a character fails a roll but succeeds in their task with a condition, does it count as a pass because the character succeeded in the task, or a fail because from a meta-game perspective the player failed the roll?

He failed the roll, that’s what counts for advancement. The GM’s choice after the failure does not affect advancement.

Thanks Luke, that’s exactly the kind of direct response I was hoping for.

Try to read the text literally! I wrote it that way on purpose. :slight_smile:

Well actually, the literal interpretation is where the dilemma arose from. Let me see if I can find the bit that confused our group…

Page 68, under the Failure heading

If a player fails an ability or test, one of two things can happen. You can decide he fails to overcome the obstacle and throw an unexpected twist into the story or you can allow the player to succeed with a condition. He passes but his character is made Hungry, Tired, or Sick in the process.

The specific use of the word “passes” is what threw us off I think. It’s a really small oversight in word choice, but I figure you may as well know about it. Thanks again!