A Quick Bondsman Skill Point Question

You get 1/4 of your owners skill points. Do I round down or round off? Owners Lifepath is Wizard of War with 7 skill points (7/4 = 1 3/4) does it become a 1 or a 2 ? And does it matter if the character is owned by the wizard of war for 2 lifepaths (Bondsman x2), would he then add both lifepaths together before dividing? (14/4 = 3 1/2 points), would that become 3 or 4 ?

My interpretation is round down and treat each time it’s taken individually. Each time you take Bondsman of a Wizard of War you get 7/4=1 pt, for a total of 2 extra points.

I’m more sure of not adding before rounding than I am of rounding down, though.

That’s the way I thought it would be (rounded down). I could see the argument for double lifepaths teaching you more as you are spending extra time with the same owner, so adding 1.75 from the first time and 1.75 from the second time kind of makes sense that way (total 3.5 rounded to 3)

So of the three possibilities we have

(1) Round Down After Every Lifepath. (No saving fractions for later, always round down, never up) :This seems the most likely

(2) Round Down After Adding All Lifepaths. (Saves fractions for the final skill point total before rounding): Maybe adds a point if your lucky, seems less likely.

(3) Round Off to the Cloest Whole Number. (Owners has 7 ÷ 4 = 1.75 so you get to have 2): Least likely of all.

I could see how (2) would fit but you rarely have lifepaths that grant a fraction of someone else’s slill points (I think this and the spousal lifepaths are it).

Always round towards zero unless you’re told otherwise (there’s one or two places, though I forget where). Treat each lifepath as its own thing so divide and floor before proceeding to the next lifepath.

And the votes are in looks like (1) is the winner!
Thanks Guys!