A Range and Cover question.

Hi everyone.

First, I apologize for my english. I’ll do my best to express what I need to without too many mistakes.

Second, i have a question about how to exit a Range and Cover situation.

Closing in 'till i’m “too close to shot” it’s obvious.

But what if i just want to withdraw and retreat?

If my missile weapon has a superior range, I can just withdraw/sneak out/fall back/retreat until both teams are “out of range” and then step back one more time.

But what happen when my weapon range is shorter? Even if I reach the “out of range” range my opponent will still be at extreme or even optimal range. So, how can i put both teams “out of range” to try leaving the fight?

Do I just need to withdraw when I’m already “out of range” (but this seems to me just a “home-made” solution)?


You have to withdraw until you’re out of your opponent’s range. Combat continues until you’re both OOR.

Ok. Maybe I didn’t understand how withdrawal maneuvers work. Please be patient.

For example, let’s say that I have a Hunting Bow and my opponent has a Great Bow.

I won the previous maneuver (volley 1), Fall Back, and moved from extreme range for my hunting bow to out of range. Correct me if I’m wrong; when I win a maneuver test I move my range, not directly my opponent’s, right? Then consulting the range table I see how this influences my opponent’s range.

So i’m out of range and he is at extreme as per the weapons appendix tables.

Now (volley 2), I decide to Retreat. I win the test (I’m very good at rolling dice indeed). I will continue to move out of range but that will just leave my opponent at extreme.

Looking at page 414-415 I see that we both need to be out of range for my withdrawal maneuver to let me leave this combat, and I don’t understand how this is going to happen considering that i cannot get further distant that out of range and that only means that my opponent remains at extreme.

Can i “move” my opponent range directly with a maneuver?


Hi Bervo,

Take a look at the Range Table on page 411. For the first test (Volley 1), you won, so we look along the top to find your hunting bow. You fell back to out of range, so we scan down to find your out of range compared with the great bow. We find that the great bow is at extreme range.

Volley 2, you retreat. You win again. We again look along the top to find your hunting bow. You finished the last volley out of range, with the great bow in extreme range. Dropping down one more, we see that you are out of range and the great bow is also out of range. The conflict is over.

Perfect. That solve the problem.

I was just mechanically looking at the table.

Thanks a lot.